Chess Exhibition

From September 1st to 14th, parallel to the 42nd Chess Olympiad, a Chess Exhibition will be held in the Crystal Hall. 

The Operating Committee of the Baku Chess Olympiad invites chess related companies to participate in the Exhibition, by either presenting only their activity and production or by selling their goods.

The Organizers have created excellent conditions for the exhibitors, to participate they only have to agree with the terms and conditions of the Exhibition, fill the Application form, and make advance-payment for their stand reservation. The exhibition spaces start from 6 m2 and the prices from 50 euros. The Organizers will assist the Exhibitors with their visa issues, their accommodation in Baku and the customs duties.

Application Form for Exhibitors
For the participation at the exhibition during 42nd chess olympiad
Exhibition venue: Crystal Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan
Exhibitor Information
Not equipped space
€50 per m2
Including: space, general hall security, hallway cleaning
Basic shell stand
€100 per m2
Including: side and back walls, panel with the Exhibitor’s name, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 garbage bin
Branded shell stand
€125 per m2
Basic shell stand features + branding as per Exhibitor’s requirements
Additional facilities
€300 per m2
Including: secured storage (15 m2), wi-fi connection, cleaning services during all exhibition period
Additional furniture, decoration, technical services or sponsorship packages including exhibition space may be available upon request. Please select your stand’s shape, size and location: (scheme)
Commercial Issues
Exhibitor Category
Site Preferences Please do/do not allocate our exhibition space adjacent to the following probable exhibitors:
Reservation We hereby apply for a stand during the 42nd Chess Olympiad 2016 and affirm that we have read and agree to the terms and conditions specified at Exhibition Protocol. Please note! The booking becomes binding once pre-payment being done by Exhibitor. Correspodence
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us:
Yuliya Mursalova
Exhibition Director